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What Are Bare Metal Servers & Their Advantages

What Are Bare Metal Servers & Their Advantages

Have you ever heard of bare metal servers while looking for hosting solutions? If not, then read this article to know everything about bare metal servers as it will help you make a better choice while choosing a hosting solution for running your online business smoothly. You need to understand the basics of bare metal servers as it will help you get to know about innovations and developments in the field of servers. In this article, we will be explaining every aspect of the bare metal server, its advantages.

What Are Bare Metal Servers?

A server that is dedicated to a single tenant is known as a bare-metal server. The tenant can optimize the main server to increase its performance, reliability, and security. A hypervisor is an alternative to a bare metal server where multiple users share storage, server’s computer, and other resources.

Bare metal servers are also known as managed dedicated servers. If you are looking for a managed dedicated server for your website, Interglobe Server is the best option. We provide top-notch services at very affordable rates with various features like High-Performance SSD, Full Root Access, Fully Managed, High Scalability, Premium Bandwidth, 1Gbps Port Speed, WHM Control Panel, 24/7 Customer Support, 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed, Money-Back Guarantee, and Instant Activation. We ensure that our packages give you the best experience and help your website to grow rapidly.

You can directly install any operating system on a bare metal server because of the elimination of layers. It can form the base of a secure, powerful, and stable digital infrastructure. Most of the potential shortcomings which are associated with a shared virtual environment are non-factor in the bare metal environment.

Other benefits of bare metal include direct access to the server. When you are using it, you do not have to compete with other users on the same server or system. It is the best option for users who want top-level performance with dedicated hosting. Bare metal servers are kept in a data center so they are often easier to manage as compared to other types of dedicated servers. Now let’s get into the details about the advantages of bare metal servers.

Advantages of Bare Metal Servers

There are other numerous advantages of this single-tenant physical server some of which are mentioned below:

1. Customizability

Bare metal servers are highly customizable where you can build your own server with unique specifications as per your needs. You can have full control over your server and you can only allow other users to access your website or data.

2. Dedicated Resources

You can enable high-performance computing with the help of a bare metal server. All the resources which are available and provided by your host will be dedicated to the application. There is neither hypervisor overhead nor virtualization.

3. Tuned for Performance

Bare metal servers can be tuned for features and performance. You need not worry about the disabling of hyperthreading in the CPU or changing BIOS and IPMI configurations. All users can get high performance with the help of this kind of single-tenant physical server.

4. Reliability

As we all know that, dedicated servers are better than shared hosting when it comes to reliability. It helps to avoid noisy neighbors as you do not have to share your resources with other users. Only you can access it without sharing it with other tenants as well as hypervisor servers.

5. Security

You can physically isolate your data and information with the help of bare metal servers. They provide the best security measure and a higher level of privacy for your website as compared to other virtual servers. Not a single user can enter into your server and it will also keep your website secure from cybercriminals and attackers.

6. Utility-Style Billing

It will help you to keep your costs under control by only paying for the resources you use. You do not have to pay for any add-ons because it will provide you all the resources required for your needs. It gives true, complete, and consumption-based billing and pricing.

7. Full Hardware Control

You are allowed to have full control of the hardware environment. It is an essential feature especially when you are merging SAN storage, specific firewalls, and other unique appliances which are required by your applications.

8. Cost Predictability

Bare metal servers are mostly bundled with a bandwidth that eliminates the need to worry about the overall costs. It causes variations among cloud consumption costs and they are the major concern for most organizations.

9. Efficient Computing Resources

You will get cost-effective and most prominent computing resources when compared to the VM-based model for similar computing capacity. It includes memory, storage, and terms of cores.

10. Flexible Hosting Option

Bare metal servers are a flexible option as most organizations run them from their own data centers or collaborate with a partner to run them from elsewhere. They are cost-effective and the best-managed option for many businesses ranging from small to medium sizes. You can also lease servers from sellers who provide IT services as well as fair leased servers to reduce the workload of the businesses.

Is Bare Metal Server Your Best Fit?

When it comes to questioning whether bare metal servers are the best fit for you or not, you need to look at various aspects.

Bare metal servers provide numerous benefits as mentioned earlier. It allows high-performance computing with high customizability. It is a great option for small to medium businesses looking for a cost-effective dedicated hosting solution.

This type of server is still on the list of most popular options, especially in big industries. Those industries which traditionally rely on dedicated hosting and colocation are banking services, health care, and the government industry. Most businesses look at a bare metal server as an affordable way to test and launch products with the development of new innovative software. They can help you grow your website with much ease by providing various facilities and features.

You can always choose an Interglobe Server for the best and affordable packages of bare metal servers or managed dedicated servers. We provide various options to our customers according to their choice and preferences. You can have a look at our cheap dedicated server plans to decide which one suits you best. Our customer support team is available 24×7 to help our customers get the best packages for their business. We are looking forward to you trying out our plans and you can leave a comment below if you have any queries.

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