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Dedicated Server 101 -Everything You Need to Know

Dedicated Server 101 -Everything You Need to Know

Dedicated Server 101: Introduction

A Dedicated Server is a type of server that provides exclusive access to a physical server for the websites. This Dedicated Server 101 guide aims to help you in understanding what they’re all about so you can make informed decisions when buying them. A dedicated server is similar to VPS hosting and other web hosting servers but it gives more benefits as compared to them. It works more like a full individual house that is only available to you and your website. In a dedicated server, you do not have to share the same space and storage as VPS hosting and shared hosting. You have more freedom to configure it the way you want when you choose a dedicated server for your website.

A dedicated server is pretty expensive as compared to shared hosting or VPS but it offers numerous additional benefits. Interglobe Server also provides the best dedicated server hosting plans at very affordable rates. We offer benefits like High-performance SSD, Full Root Access, Fully Managed, High Scalability, Premium Bandwidth, 1Gbps Port Speed, WHM Control Panel, 24/7 Customer Support, 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, Money Back Guarantee, Instant Activation, and many other features as well.

However, every dedicated server hosting comes with several additional benefits for your website like:

  • Improved performance and speed: As mentioned above, your site will not share resources with any other site, this will automatically improve its performance and speed. A dedicated server hosting is a prominent choice that helps to run your website smoothly and helps makes it significantly faster.
  • Complete control and freedom: The owner of the website has complete freedom and control to make any changes on the website. They can download or change any software and application without bother. They have full control over the website when it comes to adding features or taking up plans.
  • Provides more storage space: A dedicated server works individually for their clients and they do not have to share their resources with anyone else over the physical server. They get more storage and they have full control over the space which the server offers.
  • Increased privacy and security: A dedicated server provides the best security measure and protects your website from cybercriminals and hackers so that your data remains safe. It makes your website reliable and trustworthy for your customers. This server provides you a unique IP address that protects it from getting blacklisted.

Every kind of hosting has its own benefits and drawbacks. Only you know what’s the best option for your website. If your site and business have grown tremendously then maybe it’s time to upgrade to a dedicated server.

When should you go for Dedicated Hosting

Size is the first factor you should consider while choosing a dedicated hosting plan for your website. Choosing a dedicated server is more beneficial for those websites which are larger and high profile. If your website deals with lots of customers, or is an online business site, then you should go for a dedicated server. It has less downtime and provides smoother service to the customers.

For online stores and business sites, reliability and performance are very essential. To ensure such benefits, it is important to choose a dedicated hosting server over any usual shared hosting plan. It helps to minimize downtime and gives the best experience to your customers even during high traffic over the site. As we have mentioned above, a dedicated server comes with a high price so it is only up to you whether you choose it or not. Budget and other financial factors are your choices and you are the only one who needs to decide what is best for your site.

Dedicated Server 101: Types of Dedicated Servers

We have talked about the features, additional benefits, freedom, control, and other factors related to a dedicated server so far. Now, you should have an overview of the different types of dedicated server hosting and which one is the best choice for your website. Interglobe Server provides all kinds of dedicated server solutions.

However, dedicated servers work similarly but there are a few pros and cons they offer that should be considered while buying a plan.

Cheap Dedicated Server:

These dedicated servers come with affordable rates and provide benefits in very less investment. It is the best option for individuals, start-ups, and small-medium-sized websites. Interglobe server also provides cheap dedicated server hosting plans which offer numerous benefits.

Standard Dedicated Server:

This server offers high-quality and better performance as compared to cheap dedicated servers. It is a great option for outgrown websites and big start-ups. You can easily find standard dedicated server plans at data centres and cloud companies as well.

Enterprise Dedicated Server:

This kind of dedicated server is an excellent option for the business and online stores with website varying from small to medium sized. It offers similar features which big IT development teams use to work for their organization to manage big projects. These kinds of dedicated servers are built for providing maximum reliability, availability, and high performance. They also customize RAM, CPU, RAID, and HDD terms.

High-Performance Dedicated Server:

This kind of dedicated server offers high-quality resources for websites and businesses. They are quite expensive so if your business has grown a lot and you want to take up consistent web hosting for your website to increase performance and manage the increased traffic then it is the best option for you.

How to configure your Dedicated Server on Interglobe Server Website –

Head on to our Dedicated Server Page on the website and choose the country you want to buy a Dedicated Server in.

Dedicated Server Plans Country-wise by Interglobe Server
Dedicated Server Plans Country-wise by Interglobe Server

Let’s say your want to buy a dedicated server in Brazil. So click on the “View Plans” button below Brazil Dedicated Server. This will take you to the Brazil Dedicated Server Page which will show you our plans at a glance.

Dedicated Server Plans for Brazil by Interglobe Server
Dedicated Server Plans for Brazil by Interglobe Server

Choose the plan you want to buy; this will take you to the cart from where you can see the Brazil Plan Details.

Detailed Dedicated Server Plans by Interglobe Server
Detailed Dedicated Server Plans by Interglobe Server

Click on the plan you want to buy. This will take you to the page where you can configure your Dedicated Server for Brazil.

Configuring your Dedicated Server
Configuring your Dedicated Server

Choose your billing cycle, enter hostname, root password, NS1Prefix, NS2 Prefix and any other add-ons you want and click on Continue on the right-hand side of the page. This will take you through the checkout process and your Dedicated Server will now be available for use.

Dedicated Server 101: Conclusion

There are several factors which you should consider before choosing the right dedicated server for your website. If you need any help selecting the right and the best-dedicated server hosting for your website, you can visit our page and read numerous articles about different types of dedicated servers, their benefits, and you can also contact the Interglobe Server team. We will be really glad to help our readers and customers. We have an experienced team and their knowledge about dedicated servers is broad providing free consultation regarding servers.

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