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Is VPS Hosting the Same as Cloud Hosting?

Is VPS Hosting the Same as Cloud Hosting?

The market for hosting solutions is growing faster than ever and will continue to grow over the next few years. The industry has become the foundation upon which the internet is working. A cursory look at web hosting statistics will show you how rapidly this industry has grown over the last few years. VPS and cloud hosting are 2 of the various solutions available on the market. Both are very good options but VPS is not the same as cloud hosting.

Sometimes, people have a misunderstanding about VPS hosting and Cloud hosting. It is now becoming quite a buzz and people misread the difference between them. Both are web hosting solutions but they are quite different from each other. However, they offer similar services but work differently. Here, we will be explaining both VPS hosting and Cloud hosting broadly to make you aware of their similarities and differences. To know this, we need to get into the details about their meanings, advantages, and disadvantages.

What is a VPS Hosting?

Virtual Private Server hosting is one of the best web hosting solutions businesses purchase to increase their efficiency and performance. It provides flexibility, security, scalability, and control over the website. It gives the flexibility to run various operating systems and delivers cost savings on hardware.

You can access it from anywhere having an internet connection and you will be having full control over the activities you want to perform. In VPS, one physical server is divided into various virtual servers and these servers host various users. Despite being used by various users, no one can access your website or data without your permission. That’s is the reason most businesses choose VPS hosting for their website.

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Advantages of VPS Hosting

1. Security

Security is one of the most important factors businesses look after while choosing any web hosting solution. VPS hosting is known for its security and privacy measures. It can easily detect any unusual or harmful activity and take action against them. You need not worry about hackers or cyber attackers if you have a virtual private hosting solution.

2. Full Control Over Customization

A virtual private server facilitates you with the full right to modify your server as per your requirements. You will have full authority over the activities you need to perform. You can add or erase any application relying upon your necessities.

3. Cost-Saving

You will get all assets that are needed for your site to deal with traffic and run as expected. You need not buy any additional items to meet certain objectives. The cost is extremely prudent when contrasted with a committed worker yet offers comparable advantages.

4. Suits Many Scenarios

A VPS solution can be the most ideal alternative for some situations and exercises you need to perform. It offers availability to have full authority over the site so you can do anything contingent on your decision without much of a stretch. From dealing with delicate information to introducing programming, you can do everything with VPS facilitation.

Disadvantages of VPS Hosting

  • As it is a cost-saving web hosting solution when compare to dedicated server hosting but still expensive to invest in when compared to a shared hosting solution. If you have a very low investment or you have just started your website then VPS hosting might be an expensive choice as compared to shared hosting.
  • VPS server is easy to use still it needs more technical experience to configure some software or activities on the website. One needs to have proper knowledge before they start using VPS hosting.
  • Sometimes, it can cause server issues that will affect all the other sites on that server. It mostly happens due to working with multiple users on one single server.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is one of the top web hosting solutions accessible on the market. This web hosting has effectively gotten a colossal degree of acknowledgment in an extremely brief time frame. Cloud hosting offers admittance to websites from any place having an internet connection. In cloud hosting, if one server is occupied with traffic on the site or fails for some reason, another server will automatically manage other activities on the specific website.  

Cloud hosting is entirely dependable because the site is facilitated on a virtual partition. It exploits servers located in different locations if one of the servers goes disconnected. Cloud hosting assists with getting actual servers from the outside and nobody can get to their premises without permission. Cloud facilitating is truly reasonable as you will be paying for what you will utilize. It is adaptable, versatile, and extensible with 24×7 accessibility.

Cloud hosting is mainly used for educational purposes or education institutions. It helps to host ERP or virtual accounts of students as well as all the members.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting

1. Flexible Pricing Structure

In cloud hosting, you need not pay the whole price at once. You can get a monthly rate and pay for what resources you use. It can be a better option if you do not have a huge amount to spend at once as compared to VPS hosting.

2. High Uptime and Availability

Could hosting gives you high uptime to built into its infrastructure. You can use multiple servers on your website and even if it goes offline, your website will work without any issue.

3. Increases Website Speed and Performance

With the help of cloud hosting solutions, you can increase the speed and performance of your website. It allows to balance multiple servers and load without any delay. It can be the best option if you are dealing with hundreds of users such as in educational institutions. One cloud hosting solution manages numerous students.

Conclusion: Is VPS the Same as Cloud Hosting?

When we talk about VPS, it decreases the IT cost and increases the efficiency of business organizations. While cloud hosting also does the same work but in a different manner. They both work to host a website but their prices and flexibility levels are different. It is totally up to you, whether you want to choose VPS hosting or Cloud hosting. You can consider all the mentioned factors while choosing.

We hope the above information regarding VPS hosting and Cloud hosting is useful. You must choose wisely what is the best option for your website. Interglobe server will help you with these factors so make sure to leave a comment below or look at our plans for the best VPS hosting solutions.

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