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Interglobe Server reserves all rights to change or discontinue any of their service offerings or Service Level Agreement at any time without notice or update any of the clauses.

Interglobe Server current Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) is as follows:

  • Fully Managed Servers and Services:  Regarding all server hardware and disruption issues our 24×7 onsite technical team is ready to assist you and help you via various support mediums. Initial OS re-install and configuration will be performed by our team, however in case of any server failure the responsibility of data loss lies with client, thus client should manage their own backup to avoid data loss or before requesting OS re-install.
  • Server/Service Availability: Our team strives to achieve 99.99% Service availability round the clock for you.
  • Service Disruption: Any service disruption if occurs should be immediately reported to our technical team if your server is completely offline for more than 5 minutes due to a fault in our networking or power infrastructure system.
  • Hardware Disruptions: Any disruptions caused by the hardware or software of the server are not covered in SLA and will be dealt separately as per prevailing situation.
  • Security Disruptions: Any disruptions caused as a result of actions taken by our abuse department for any suspicious 3rd party activities are not covered under this SLA.

Server Re-installations:

At time of server delivery one OS installation is offered for free to customers. We also facilitate one free OS reload to our customers in case of any complications from the initial server delivery date.

If a server reload is requested after 30 days of server delivery then a fee of $10 usd will be charged or in case of KVM availability, it will be provided to client’s to self-initiate server OS re-install.

Overdue Invoices:

In the event of your account having any overdue invoices, the overdue concerned service will be suspended immediately following an overdue invoice. Overdue services may thus result in all services on your account being suspended or terminated until all overdue invoices are paid in full.


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Last Updated: 5/02/2021