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What Is a GPU Dedicated Server and Its Benefits?

Have you ever heard of a GPU dedicated server? If not, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be providing information about a GPU dedicated server and its benefits. But, before we get into details about GPU dedicated servers, let’s get to know more about what is a dedicated server.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a type of web hosting which is needed for any website to run smoothly while it grows quickly. If you have created a new blog, an e-commerce website, a business website, or an app, you need to take a web hosting plan. In the case of quick growth, a dedicated server can be your best friend for the survival of your website in this competitive market.

Interglobe Server provides the best dedicated server hosting and cheap dedicated server with numerous benefits. Our plan includes high-performance SSD, full root access, a fully managed server, high scalability, premium bandwidth, WHM control panel, money-back guarantee, instant activation, etc.

All of these will help your website to run smoothly and you will have full control over your website. No one can access your data and information without your permission. You will get various security measures for the safety of your data from cybercriminals and hackers.

What is a GPU Dedicated Server?

GPU stands for Graphical Processing Unit. Most businesses do not prefer a dedicated GPU server hosting for their websites. Well, a dedicated GPU server is designed to process more tasks with much more speed and efficiency. The GPU carries powerful parallel architecture and that is the reason it is beneficial for online stores.

It offers all the advantages similar to a normal dedicated server hosting. If you know about a dedicated server then it will be easy for you to host. Although, you should have some technical experience before you run a GPU-based dedicated server for your website.

Although, a GPU dedicated server is a more complex term and it has been programmed to handle more complicated areas with unique applications. It comes with equipped robust graphics processors for intensive uses. A GPU dedicated server helps to speed up parallel tasks and offers many benefits over CPU counterparts. Now, let’s get into the details about all the benefits offered by a GPU Dedicated server.

Benefits of a GPU Dedicated Server

1. Fast Performance

A GPU dedicated server comes with numerous cores and it helps to accelerate the speed of applications. A normal GPU dedicated server offers around 700 cores. With the help of a GPU dedicated server, you can manage applications like Cryptocurrency, machine learning, big data, and other gaming apps.

2. Data Analysis

Those websites or applications which need lots of data analysis should have a GPU dedicated server. You will be provided features like complex mathematical calculation and floating-point arithmetic. You can calculate complex problems in seconds and analyze them accordingly. That is the reason, a GPU dedicated server is the best option when it comes to managing applications like big data and machine learning.

3. Power Efficiency

As mentioned earlier, a GPU dedicated server helps speed up tasks, which is why it consumes less power. It saves more power as compared to CPU-based dedicated servers. Due to this, you can save money as well as create a better environment.

4. Unlimited Scaling

A GPU dedicated server is the best option when it comes to unlimited scaling. You can place a GPU card in single as well as multiple servers for making it more efficient. You will be getting more cores and memory to save your data. At the same time, you can process all the saved data at a very high speed.

5. Gaming Applications and Video Streaming

A GPU dedicated server is useful to run software that requires streaming video and playing games. Games such as counter-strike and Minecraft can do well if you take a GPU dedicated server plan. It makes it easy for those players who play online video games with multiple users. They can enjoy the graphics with high-quality connectivity.

6. Software Compatibility

Many software requires to get a GPU dedicated server plan for better compatibility. You need to optimize some parts of your application before you add a GPU dedicated server to your website.

7. GPU Server Hosting

As you already know, a dedicated server plays a vital role when it comes to web hosting solutions. The same thing goes with a GPU dedicated server, where you can host your website on the server for many purposes. You will get the freedom to perform a thousand activities with one single server. Your all data and information will be safe and you can run your website very smoothly even if you have huge traffic.

Why should You buy a GPU Dedicated Server?

Now you have got the information related to the benefits of a dedicated GPU server. Now it is totally up to you whether you want to choose it for your website or not. Due to the increase in technology, most businesses need GPU for managing their day-to-day activity. It will ease the way you do your business activities and help you to enhance your overall performance.

As mentioned above, a GPU dedicated server offers numerous benefits as compared to its CPU counterparts. If you plan to take a GPU dedicated server for your online business, you should visit Interglobe Server. We offer numerous plans on cheap dedicated servers which will help you to set up various applications as per your requirements.

Conclusion – GPU Dedicated Server and Its Benefits

Now, as we have compared the performance of a GPU dedicated server with CPU counterparts. You have got to know more about a GPU dedicated server and how it works for your online business. We hope you found this information related to a dedicated GPU server and its benefits useful.

What Are Bare Metal Servers & Their Advantages

Have you ever heard of bare metal servers while looking for hosting solutions? If not, then read this article to know everything about bare metal servers as it will help you make a better choice while choosing a hosting solution for running your online business smoothly. You need to understand the basics of bare metal servers as it will help you get to know about innovations and developments in the field of servers. In this article, we will be explaining every aspect of the bare metal server, its advantages.

What Are Bare Metal Servers?

A server that is dedicated to a single tenant is known as a bare-metal server. The tenant can optimize the main server to increase its performance, reliability, and security. A hypervisor is an alternative to a bare metal server where multiple users share storage, server’s computer, and other resources.

Bare metal servers are also known as managed dedicated servers. If you are looking for a managed dedicated server for your website, Interglobe Server is the best option. We provide top-notch services at very affordable rates with various features like High-Performance SSD, Full Root Access, Fully Managed, High Scalability, Premium Bandwidth, 1Gbps Port Speed, WHM Control Panel, 24/7 Customer Support, 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed, Money-Back Guarantee, and Instant Activation. We ensure that our packages give you the best experience and help your website to grow rapidly.

You can directly install any operating system on a bare metal server because of the elimination of layers. It can form the base of a secure, powerful, and stable digital infrastructure. Most of the potential shortcomings which are associated with a shared virtual environment are non-factor in the bare metal environment.

Other benefits of bare metal include direct access to the server. When you are using it, you do not have to compete with other users on the same server or system. It is the best option for users who want top-level performance with dedicated hosting. Bare metal servers are kept in a data center so they are often easier to manage as compared to other types of dedicated servers. Now let’s get into the details about the advantages of bare metal servers.

Advantages of Bare Metal Servers

There are other numerous advantages of this single-tenant physical server some of which are mentioned below:

1. Customizability

Bare metal servers are highly customizable where you can build your own server with unique specifications as per your needs. You can have full control over your server and you can only allow other users to access your website or data.

2. Dedicated Resources

You can enable high-performance computing with the help of a bare metal server. All the resources which are available and provided by your host will be dedicated to the application. There is neither hypervisor overhead nor virtualization.

3. Tuned for Performance

Bare metal servers can be tuned for features and performance. You need not worry about the disabling of hyperthreading in the CPU or changing BIOS and IPMI configurations. All users can get high performance with the help of this kind of single-tenant physical server.

4. Reliability

As we all know that, dedicated servers are better than shared hosting when it comes to reliability. It helps to avoid noisy neighbors as you do not have to share your resources with other users. Only you can access it without sharing it with other tenants as well as hypervisor servers.

5. Security

You can physically isolate your data and information with the help of bare metal servers. They provide the best security measure and a higher level of privacy for your website as compared to other virtual servers. Not a single user can enter into your server and it will also keep your website secure from cybercriminals and attackers.

6. Utility-Style Billing

It will help you to keep your costs under control by only paying for the resources you use. You do not have to pay for any add-ons because it will provide you all the resources required for your needs. It gives true, complete, and consumption-based billing and pricing.

7. Full Hardware Control

You are allowed to have full control of the hardware environment. It is an essential feature especially when you are merging SAN storage, specific firewalls, and other unique appliances which are required by your applications.

8. Cost Predictability

Bare metal servers are mostly bundled with a bandwidth that eliminates the need to worry about the overall costs. It causes variations among cloud consumption costs and they are the major concern for most organizations.

9. Efficient Computing Resources

You will get cost-effective and most prominent computing resources when compared to the VM-based model for similar computing capacity. It includes memory, storage, and terms of cores.

10. Flexible Hosting Option

Bare metal servers are a flexible option as most organizations run them from their own data centers or collaborate with a partner to run them from elsewhere. They are cost-effective and the best-managed option for many businesses ranging from small to medium sizes. You can also lease servers from sellers who provide IT services as well as fair leased servers to reduce the workload of the businesses.

Is Bare Metal Server Your Best Fit?

When it comes to questioning whether bare metal servers are the best fit for you or not, you need to look at various aspects.

Bare metal servers provide numerous benefits as mentioned earlier. It allows high-performance computing with high customizability. It is a great option for small to medium businesses looking for a cost-effective dedicated hosting solution.

This type of server is still on the list of most popular options, especially in big industries. Those industries which traditionally rely on dedicated hosting and colocation are banking services, health care, and the government industry. Most businesses look at a bare metal server as an affordable way to test and launch products with the development of new innovative software. They can help you grow your website with much ease by providing various facilities and features.

You can always choose an Interglobe Server for the best and affordable packages of bare metal servers or managed dedicated servers. We provide various options to our customers according to their choice and preferences. You can have a look at our cheap dedicated server plans to decide which one suits you best. Our customer support team is available 24×7 to help our customers get the best packages for their business. We are looking forward to you trying out our plans and you can leave a comment below if you have any queries.

What is Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Managed Dedicated Servers are needed for websites having huge incoming traffic. When shared servers aren’t able to give your website the resources it needs to perform seamlessly, that’s when you need to think about buying a dedicated server.

Dedicated servers are used by e-commerce websites, business websites, and the like because of the large number of products they list there. These product listings will need large spaces to host plus the huge traffic needs to be catered to properly.

A good metric to gauge site performance is site load speed, which should be 2.5 seconds or less. Having load speeds more than that can cause traffic drops and people leaving your site without buying anything. It won’t matter the quality of products you’re selling, if your page loads slowly, then people will leave your site in favor of your competitors.

A managed dedicated hosting plan is one where a single server is provided to the customer. All the resources in the server like the bandwidth, storage, and RAM will go towards serving that one single website.

The hosting provider will provide all the facilities needed to manage the server like maintenance, upgrades, software, etc. It is the responsibility of your hosting provider to manage all these things so you can focus solely on running your business and website.

Your hosting provider will handle the setup, management, administration, and support of the server.

The services you receive will depend upon the plan you buy from your hosting provider. Interglobe Server provides features like 99.9% Uptime, Root Access to your server, WHM Control Panel, 24/7 Support, Security, Solving Server Issues, Management of Network Infrastructure, and other Hardware in our Best Dedicated Server Hosting Plans.

If you are already knowledgeable about managing dedicated servers, you can buy unmanaged dedicated servers too. Unmanaged Dedicated Servers provide you with the ability to handle everything on your server by yourself. But why not handing over the hassles related to managing servers to your hosting provider, while you only need to worry about running your business?

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

In shared hosting, your server is shared with other users and websites. The resources of the server are shared between all its users which leads to reduced performance of your website. Even VPS hosting creates many virtual servers on a single physical server, leading to sharing of resources, albeit in another way.

If you want to learn more about shared hosting you can read our article on Benefits of Shared Hosting for New Bloggers and if you want to learn more about VPS Hosting you can read our article VPS Hosting 101: The Beginner’s Guide To Virtual Private Servers on our website.

What is Managed Dedicated Server Hosting?

Managed Dedicated server hosting relieves you of all your worries regarding handling your server. The Hosting Provider is responsible for handling all the tasks involved.

Hosting providers offer both Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting Plans but managed dedicated server hosting gives you all the benefits of managed hosting while also providing the dedicated resources of a dedicated server hosting plan.

For people who are just starting out with dedicated servers, it is always good to buy a managed dedicated server. This way you won’t have to spend time learning about managing your server or hiring someone to do it for you, which can be a costly affair and that time can be better utilized on increasing your profits.

Benefits of Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

1. Security

Having a secure server goes a long way in protecting your business. Server security provides various features like –

·       Spam Filtering

·       Firewall

·       Virus Scans

·       OS Updates

Hosting providers constantly scan your servers to look out for any potential security issues which they can then fix to shield your server from any attacks. They put in place various tools and checks to deal with any security-related issues.

2. Managed Database

Hosting providers have dedicated and experienced database administrators. The database administrator is responsible for designing a database system that meets your requirements and fits your needs.

3. Backups

It’s extremely necessary to have backups of your business data to prevent any loss due to any technical glitches. A data loss can be extremely detrimental and even devastating for a business. Managed dedicated Servers provide regular backups of your data so you can be at peace knowing your data is safe.

4. Support

It is essential to have 24/7 customer support for your website and servers in case you face an issue. Dedicated Hosting provides 24/7 support to its customers so any issues can be resolved quickly without affecting your business.

5. Costs

Managing a dedicated server can come with a lot of costs involved. Tasks like setting up infrastructure, keeping regular backups, maintenance of hardware and software, etc.

Hiring a dedicated Database System Administrator is an added cost that you can do without. So, it’s a better option to leave these tasks up to your Hosting Provider who is already equipped with handling any issues.

6. Saves Time

Letting your Hosting Provider manage your server saves your time which would have otherwise been spent managing it yourself or managing the people who manage the server for you. This time instead can now be used to focus on your business and looking for ways to increase your business processes and profits.

7. Scalability

As your business grows even further, you’ll have to keep increasing the resources allocated to your servers. With Managed Dedicated Servers, this won’t be a problem as you can simply upgrade your plans or use additional resources provided by your host.

Conclusion – Managed Dedicated Server Hosting is the best option for High Traffic Websites

These were a few details about managed dedicated servers. We hope this clears any doubts you had about them and helps you make the right choice for your business and website. We are sure you’ll find it’s better and easier to let your hosting provider manage your server for you.

If you have any doubts regarding this article or dedicated servers, contact Interglobe Server anytime and we’ll be there to solve any queries.  

Dedicated Server 101 -Everything You Need to Know

Dedicated Server 101: Introduction

A Dedicated Server is a type of server that provides exclusive access to a physical server for the websites. This Dedicated Server 101 guide aims to help you in understanding what they’re all about so you can make informed decisions when buying them. A dedicated server is similar to VPS hosting and other web hosting servers but it gives more benefits as compared to them. It works more like a full individual house that is only available to you and your website. In a dedicated server, you do not have to share the same space and storage as VPS hosting and shared hosting. You have more freedom to configure it the way you want when you choose a dedicated server for your website.

A dedicated server is pretty expensive as compared to shared hosting or VPS but it offers numerous additional benefits. Interglobe Server also provides the best dedicated server hosting plans at very affordable rates. We offer benefits like High-performance SSD, Full Root Access, Fully Managed, High Scalability, Premium Bandwidth, 1Gbps Port Speed, WHM Control Panel, 24/7 Customer Support, 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, Money Back Guarantee, Instant Activation, and many other features as well.

However, every dedicated server hosting comes with several additional benefits for your website like:

  • Improved performance and speed: As mentioned above, your site will not share resources with any other site, this will automatically improve its performance and speed. A dedicated server hosting is a prominent choice that helps to run your website smoothly and helps makes it significantly faster.
  • Complete control and freedom: The owner of the website has complete freedom and control to make any changes on the website. They can download or change any software and application without bother. They have full control over the website when it comes to adding features or taking up plans.
  • Provides more storage space: A dedicated server works individually for their clients and they do not have to share their resources with anyone else over the physical server. They get more storage and they have full control over the space which the server offers.
  • Increased privacy and security: A dedicated server provides the best security measure and protects your website from cybercriminals and hackers so that your data remains safe. It makes your website reliable and trustworthy for your customers. This server provides you a unique IP address that protects it from getting blacklisted.

Every kind of hosting has its own benefits and drawbacks. Only you know what’s the best option for your website. If your site and business have grown tremendously then maybe it’s time to upgrade to a dedicated server.

When should you go for Dedicated Hosting

Size is the first factor you should consider while choosing a dedicated hosting plan for your website. Choosing a dedicated server is more beneficial for those websites which are larger and high profile. If your website deals with lots of customers, or is an online business site, then you should go for a dedicated server. It has less downtime and provides smoother service to the customers.

For online stores and business sites, reliability and performance are very essential. To ensure such benefits, it is important to choose a dedicated hosting server over any usual shared hosting plan. It helps to minimize downtime and gives the best experience to your customers even during high traffic over the site. As we have mentioned above, a dedicated server comes with a high price so it is only up to you whether you choose it or not. Budget and other financial factors are your choices and you are the only one who needs to decide what is best for your site.

Dedicated Server 101: Types of Dedicated Servers

We have talked about the features, additional benefits, freedom, control, and other factors related to a dedicated server so far. Now, you should have an overview of the different types of dedicated server hosting and which one is the best choice for your website. Interglobe Server provides all kinds of dedicated server solutions.

However, dedicated servers work similarly but there are a few pros and cons they offer that should be considered while buying a plan.

Cheap Dedicated Server:

These dedicated servers come with affordable rates and provide benefits in very less investment. It is the best option for individuals, start-ups, and small-medium-sized websites. Interglobe server also provides cheap dedicated server hosting plans which offer numerous benefits.

Standard Dedicated Server:

This server offers high-quality and better performance as compared to cheap dedicated servers. It is a great option for outgrown websites and big start-ups. You can easily find standard dedicated server plans at data centres and cloud companies as well.

Enterprise Dedicated Server:

This kind of dedicated server is an excellent option for the business and online stores with website varying from small to medium sized. It offers similar features which big IT development teams use to work for their organization to manage big projects. These kinds of dedicated servers are built for providing maximum reliability, availability, and high performance. They also customize RAM, CPU, RAID, and HDD terms.

High-Performance Dedicated Server:

This kind of dedicated server offers high-quality resources for websites and businesses. They are quite expensive so if your business has grown a lot and you want to take up consistent web hosting for your website to increase performance and manage the increased traffic then it is the best option for you.

How to configure your Dedicated Server on Interglobe Server Website –

Head on to our Dedicated Server Page on the website and choose the country you want to buy a Dedicated Server in.

Dedicated Server Plans Country-wise by Interglobe Server
Dedicated Server Plans Country-wise by Interglobe Server

Let’s say your want to buy a dedicated server in Brazil. So click on the “View Plans” button below Brazil Dedicated Server. This will take you to the Brazil Dedicated Server Page which will show you our plans at a glance.

Dedicated Server Plans for Brazil by Interglobe Server
Dedicated Server Plans for Brazil by Interglobe Server

Choose the plan you want to buy; this will take you to the cart from where you can see the Brazil Plan Details.

Detailed Dedicated Server Plans by Interglobe Server
Detailed Dedicated Server Plans by Interglobe Server

Click on the plan you want to buy. This will take you to the page where you can configure your Dedicated Server for Brazil.

Configuring your Dedicated Server
Configuring your Dedicated Server

Choose your billing cycle, enter hostname, root password, NS1Prefix, NS2 Prefix and any other add-ons you want and click on Continue on the right-hand side of the page. This will take you through the checkout process and your Dedicated Server will now be available for use.

Dedicated Server 101: Conclusion

There are several factors which you should consider before choosing the right dedicated server for your website. If you need any help selecting the right and the best-dedicated server hosting for your website, you can visit our page and read numerous articles about different types of dedicated servers, their benefits, and you can also contact the Interglobe Server team. We will be really glad to help our readers and customers. We have an experienced team and their knowledge about dedicated servers is broad providing free consultation regarding servers.

What is Web Hosting? The Beginner’s Guide to Buying Web Hosting

The basic infrastructure an organization or a person needs in order to publish their website on the internet is called web hosting. The company providing this service is called a web host. The web host allocates you some space on a server to store your websites files on so they can be viewed online.

A server is a computer that provides the resources necessary to keep your website up all the time, so that people can view it 24×7 without interruptions.

The web host is also responsible for protecting your website from malicious attacks, Interglobe Server provides DDoS protection for our clients.

The amount of space allocated to your website on the server depends upon the type of hosting you buy. The main types of hosting services are shared, VPS, dedicated, and cloud hosting. The difference between these types of hosting is in the amount of space you get, the technology used by the server, the level of management provided, the bandwidth, and the overall cost.

Besides providing domain name and hosting for your need, Interglobe server also provides other services related to website like:

  • SSL certificates
  • Email hosting and page builders
  • FTP access
  • Developer tools
  • 24/7 customer support service
  • Automated website backups
  • One-click software installs for WordPress or Drupal

What is a domain name?

Now, in order to create a website what you need along with having a hosting service is a domain name. A Domain Name is the address of your website that people type in their web browsers to visit your website. We offer a range of domain names to choose from according to your choice and budget.

Difference between Web Hosting and Domain Name?

To build a website you need both web hosting and a domain name. These are different terms but they work together to create a website.

When you buy a domain, you have basically bought the address of your site for a certain amount of time (usually 1 year), but you need web hosting to store the files (code, images, etc.) needed to run your website. So, without a domain name people won’t be able to find your website and without web hosting the website won’t run.

You can buy both domain name and web hosting from Interglobe Server in a bundle to get huge discounts.

Types of Web Hosting

Different people have different needs when it comes to buying web hosting. Whether you want to create a simple blog or a huge company website, every need has a different solution. The most popular options are:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting

We recommend our users to start with smaller hosting packages and upgrade when their website starts generating higher traffic.

Shared Hosting

With this type of hosting, you share a single server with other clients. In shared hosting, all the resources of the server such as space, computing power, and memory are distributed among the clients.

This type of hosting is apt for blogs and small businesses as it is a low-cost solution for setting up websites. It should be used when you are just starting out and don’t expect much traffic to your website. Larger sites require dedicated servers to accommodate such traffic while keeping website performance optimum.

In shared hosting you will have little or no control over your server configuration. Huge traffic increases can slow down your website.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

A Virtual Private Server, also called Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) is when your host allocates a separate partitionon the server to your website. So, the virtual server will appear to every client as a dedicated server, but actually the server will be serving many sites.

It is used by small organizations who want to have the benefits of a dedicated server without having to bear high costs. In VPS hosting clients have root access to configure the VPS. Huge traffic increases will not have an effect on your website performance but technical knowledge is required to use it effectively.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated hosting is also called managed hosting or dedicated server. It means that will have your own physical server which will cater only to your website.

You can configure your dedicated server according to your needs like its security systems, software and operating system. It allows total control over the server. Huge traffic increases can be easily handled with dedicated hosting.

Compared to other types of hosting, dedicated hosting is costly and is better suited for large businesses. Since you will be configuring your server, technical knowledge is a must. Buying dedicated hosting is better than owning an on-site server as it comes with the professional support of your web host.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is currently the most popular and reliable solution on the market. Your host provides you with a network of servers on which your files and resources are present. If there’s a problem in one of the servers, our traffic gets automatically routed to another server thus your website will have little to no downtime.

Pricing of cloud hosting is high and is aimed at very large businesses with very busy and resource intensive websites.

What to look for when Buying Hosting

  1. Uptime – Do they Guarantee 99% uptime? Where are their servers located?
  2. Support – Do they offer 24×7 support with professional people to assist you if you have a problem?
  3. Security – Do they offer security solutions?
  4. Price – Are their prices reasonable?
  5. Backup Services – Do they offer backup of your website?
  6. Hardware – Do they have fast servers with quality components?
  7. Scalability – Will they be able to accommodate your growing business needs?
  8. Availability – Can they handle peak traffic volumes?
  9. Dependability – Are they dependable?
  10. Redundancy – Do they have multiple connections to the Net?


Ultimately you need to build a website to keep up with present times and build an online presence as it will help you reach millions of viewers around the world and Interglobe Server is here to help you on your journey.

Buy budget-friendly best Dedicated Server Hosting plans from us

For rapidly growing business and the application which requires a high level of security, a Dedicated Server Hosting is an explanation. It is a hosting service that provides the experience of owning your server with maximum control and resources. We, at Interglobe Server, are the world-leading service provider in this domain, offering services across the globe with our servers in some prominent areas for optimum performance.

Your needs, our solutions

We provide customized solutions as per the hosting needs of our customers. With Interglobe Server, you will work with the best infrastructure in the world. We extend services for a variety of ranges, like business applications, website hosting, mobile app development, Email Server, gaming, surveying, Web monitoring, Backup server, etc. All of our servers support IPv4 and IPv6. We will provide service at very competitive prices which are pocket-friendly. In addition to it, we have free Custom-OS installation, custom partition, and hardware selection with all our offers.

our servers are robust and they can support all kinds of OS like Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS, and Windows, etc. The Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting is mainly opted for by clients who look for high performance, speed, and enhanced security for their business application. Keeping this in mind, our company has established a different data center in different parts of the world. It is a stated fact that if the server is nearer to the customer base, then the performance and speed is maximized. Therefore, you will achieve uninterrupted and best service with us.

In our premium network, we render unlimited bandwidth, unmetered traffic, and redundant low latency.

What makes Interglobe Servers stand apart?

With many happy customers across the world, we are marching towards creating an eco-system which would further increase trust and loyalty of our customer. With world-class communications, our services stand on the pillar of:

Reachability: We are a highly dedicated team of professionals who are available 24×7 to help you. You can reach us through Skype, emails, and our automated ticketing systems. We also provide a live chat information system for your convenience.

Safety & Security: Opting for our server would be the right choice if you are concerned about the security of your business. To avoid any data breach, we have an encrypted environment and are well equipped with anti-DDoS protection for all the servers.

Performance: We provide a fast and highly efficient platform that is round the clock under monitoring. We also keep tight vigilance of the system to assure smooth and continuous service.

Scalability: It is one of our core features. We provide scalability through inter-server connectivity as well as cloud connectivity as per the needs of our clients.

Interglobe Server employs a highly skilled and dedicated technical team to maintain servers. For the robustness of our infrastructure, we use the best of the industry solutions. We also provide multiple payment options for the convenience of our customers. We accept Credit/Debit cards, UPI, Paytm, Union Pay International, Web-money, PayPal, bitcoins (Litecoin, Ethereum, and Altcoin), PayU money. Customers can choose from any of the options for payment of the services.