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What is Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

What is Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Managed Dedicated Servers are needed for websites having huge incoming traffic. When shared servers aren’t able to give your website the resources it needs to perform seamlessly, that’s when you need to think about buying a dedicated server.

Dedicated servers are used by e-commerce websites, business websites, and the like because of the large number of products they list there. These product listings will need large spaces to host plus the huge traffic needs to be catered to properly.

A good metric to gauge site performance is site load speed, which should be 2.5 seconds or less. Having load speeds more than that can cause traffic drops and people leaving your site without buying anything. It won’t matter the quality of products you’re selling, if your page loads slowly, then people will leave your site in favor of your competitors.

A managed dedicated hosting plan is one where a single server is provided to the customer. All the resources in the server like the bandwidth, storage, and RAM will go towards serving that one single website.

The hosting provider will provide all the facilities needed to manage the server like maintenance, upgrades, software, etc. It is the responsibility of your hosting provider to manage all these things so you can focus solely on running your business and website.

Your hosting provider will handle the setup, management, administration, and support of the server.

The services you receive will depend upon the plan you buy from your hosting provider. Interglobe Server provides features like 99.9% Uptime, Root Access to your server, WHM Control Panel, 24/7 Support, Security, Solving Server Issues, Management of Network Infrastructure, and other Hardware in our Best Dedicated Server Hosting Plans.

If you are already knowledgeable about managing dedicated servers, you can buy unmanaged dedicated servers too. Unmanaged Dedicated Servers provide you with the ability to handle everything on your server by yourself. But why not handing over the hassles related to managing servers to your hosting provider, while you only need to worry about running your business?

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

In shared hosting, your server is shared with other users and websites. The resources of the server are shared between all its users which leads to reduced performance of your website. Even VPS hosting creates many virtual servers on a single physical server, leading to sharing of resources, albeit in another way.

If you want to learn more about shared hosting you can read our article on Benefits of Shared Hosting for New Bloggers and if you want to learn more about VPS Hosting you can read our article VPS Hosting 101: The Beginner’s Guide To Virtual Private Servers on our website.

What is Managed Dedicated Server Hosting?

Managed Dedicated server hosting relieves you of all your worries regarding handling your server. The Hosting Provider is responsible for handling all the tasks involved.

Hosting providers offer both Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting Plans but managed dedicated server hosting gives you all the benefits of managed hosting while also providing the dedicated resources of a dedicated server hosting plan.

For people who are just starting out with dedicated servers, it is always good to buy a managed dedicated server. This way you won’t have to spend time learning about managing your server or hiring someone to do it for you, which can be a costly affair and that time can be better utilized on increasing your profits.

Benefits of Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

1. Security

Having a secure server goes a long way in protecting your business. Server security provides various features like –

·       Spam Filtering

·       Firewall

·       Virus Scans

·       OS Updates

Hosting providers constantly scan your servers to look out for any potential security issues which they can then fix to shield your server from any attacks. They put in place various tools and checks to deal with any security-related issues.

2. Managed Database

Hosting providers have dedicated and experienced database administrators. The database administrator is responsible for designing a database system that meets your requirements and fits your needs.

3. Backups

It’s extremely necessary to have backups of your business data to prevent any loss due to any technical glitches. A data loss can be extremely detrimental and even devastating for a business. Managed dedicated Servers provide regular backups of your data so you can be at peace knowing your data is safe.

4. Support

It is essential to have 24/7 customer support for your website and servers in case you face an issue. Dedicated Hosting provides 24/7 support to its customers so any issues can be resolved quickly without affecting your business.

5. Costs

Managing a dedicated server can come with a lot of costs involved. Tasks like setting up infrastructure, keeping regular backups, maintenance of hardware and software, etc.

Hiring a dedicated Database System Administrator is an added cost that you can do without. So, it’s a better option to leave these tasks up to your Hosting Provider who is already equipped with handling any issues.

6. Saves Time

Letting your Hosting Provider manage your server saves your time which would have otherwise been spent managing it yourself or managing the people who manage the server for you. This time instead can now be used to focus on your business and looking for ways to increase your business processes and profits.

7. Scalability

As your business grows even further, you’ll have to keep increasing the resources allocated to your servers. With Managed Dedicated Servers, this won’t be a problem as you can simply upgrade your plans or use additional resources provided by your host.

Conclusion – Managed Dedicated Server Hosting is the best option for High Traffic Websites

These were a few details about managed dedicated servers. We hope this clears any doubts you had about them and helps you make the right choice for your business and website. We are sure you’ll find it’s better and easier to let your hosting provider manage your server for you.

If you have any doubts regarding this article or dedicated servers, contact Interglobe Server anytime and we’ll be there to solve any queries.  

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